Ninite saves you time when downloading multiple popular applications e.g. iTunes, Google Chrome, Skype, Java, Picasa, Office, Google Earth, Dropbox and Evernote.The applications are listed into different types of application like Messaging and Media.You choose the applications that you want and ninite runs the installer in the backround.It promises not to install rubbish toolbars we don’t want.The website is largely used by alot of people with good reviews from PC world and Lifehacker.They boast that every day they install and update over 500,000 programs a day.

You can also get Ninite pro which updates programs over a network, downloads other apps you can’t in free, lets you have more control over the downloads, runs 3 times faster, updates supported software even if it was not chosen originally and turns of the annoying update notifications.The pricing ranges from $20 – $185.



TVCatchup is a free service that lets you watch live UK television on your computer, phone or other devices connected to the internet.Over 50 Channels including BBC One, ITV, Channel 4, Five, Dave, CBeebies, 4 Music and Film4 .


Today’s website allows you to download software for free off of the internet no hitches. It has open source code so you can edit it and make it your own.3.4 million developers create powerful software in over 324,000 projects.There are more than 46 million consumers  and has 4,000,000 downloads a day.

Be careful because 6-7 days ago a copy website came up which gave you malware.

ToS;DR / terms of service didn’t read

Have you ever said you have read the terms of service when you really have not?
Today’s website summarises what you agree to on many popular websites.As well as saving time it pushes you to actually read it with a link to their terms and conditions.It classes the website according to how good the terms and conditions are e.g twitpic being awful and google being great.

It was only started in June 2012 by Hugo Roy.The work is all funded by donations and non-profit organisations.

Apparantly ToS;DR was inspired by internet acronym TL;DR (to long didn’t read)

My rating is 4 out of 5 becauseit helps alot but does focus on large websites.


It is a tool to make sandy landscapes.It has various colours which can be used to make gradients according to how high you put your cursor.As well as that it has its own apple app so you can make beautiful artwork on the go.Thanks to my sister who introduced this to me.

My rating is 5 out of 5 because of the innoative ,simple and honestly addictive style of this.



Today’s website makes it simple to create games ,stories and animations compared to normal programming language (html or java).Scratch is suited for mainly the younger generation so is a good choice for teaching I.C.T.On the website you can play the games that others have made but you will need to download the software if you want to make one yourself.It is really easy to use once you have had a mess around with it.

My rating is 4 out of 5 because despite it is really easy you still need to download the software which could be irritating for people with little space on their computer.