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Well It’s been a while and all my exams are over and my holiday’s have started meaning I can back to reviewing the best websites and apps around.

Today’s app is mysms.They pride themselves on the fact you can use their messaging service to “text anywhere,anytime and on any device”.You can receive your texts on things you could never before;Tablet, Laptop, Computer.This allows a new way of working because if you forget your phone you don’t have to worry about not receiving any important texts or in a more dire situation like breaking your phone you can replace all the texts with the ones you entrusted to mysms.If you are worried about the safety of your data they have told other users who asked, that they encrypt the data,store data securely and only have limited access to authorised employees only.

The cost ranges from person to person depending on the type of message being sent and to whom. Sending messages to other mysms users is free no mather where they are.To know whether they are using mysms you can look at the send button to find out.This type of message makes the send button turn green.

In case you want to send texts to people who don’t use mysms, you can use your own phone service provider.It will use your exising moblie agreement with no extra charges.This type of mesage wih make the send button grey

A third option is to send a message  via a connector.If you add a websms connector in the mysms setting you will have the choice to use it to send cheap messages worldwide.This type will turn the send button blue.


Exam time!

I have to take about 4 weeks off because of my exams.I am sorry but they are important.When do exams I forget a lot so I have to revise even more than usual.

One website you can always rely on is BBC bite size because its reliable and simple.



Bitesize (Photo credit: Wikipedia)








If you need to revise for science GCSE there is always YouTube especially when it comes to AQA tests.One I always use is myGCSEscience’s channel because he has all the stuff you need in Physics, Chemistry and Biology.


Listen to Youtube

ListenToYouTube.com is a online application for converting YouTube flash video to mp3 audio. The service is fast, free, and you don’t have to  signup. All you the need the YouTube URL, and the website gives you a link to download the audio file.This is great for making it a smaller file for on a iPod.


Today’s website is a web app called Mural.ly, which gives a plain canvas on the web that anyone can create a board of ideas and then share it with collages.You can use Mural.ly for such a wide variety of tasks and it can be used by just about anyone that needs a space to share things and get feedback.It is very user friendly and has given you the ability to use many different tools to create your project like text boxes, backgrounds,sticky notes,shapes and stickers.You can share your creation to Facebook and Twitter, embed it on a website and invite people by email.You can make your project as public or private as you want it to be because only you can add people and make your canvas password protected so that when people want to help edit or give feedback, they need to know it in order to get access.

BBC Click

Routeshoot also reviewed by Webscape on Click and that is where I got the idea so have a look at the link below.Click brings technology into the limelight and explains it.Webscape selects interesting websites and reviews it.I really recommend watching it on a Saturday at 1:30 GMT on the BBC news channel.It has You could watch at that time or you could use BBC iPlayer to watch it later but more about BBC iPlayer later on in the year.


BBC iPlayer


Lifehacker gives tips and downloads for getting things done.That’s the aim of lifehacker.com and, in its own words, “Lifehacker recommends the software downloads and web sites that actually save time. Don’t live to geek; geek to live”

lifehacker screenshot

Lifehacker Screenshot