Chrome Web Lab

Today’s website is Chrome Web Lab.This website is a collection of 5 experiments which is actually happening live in the science museum ,London.You can play instruments remotely,control cameras in the exhibition,watch a robot process and draw a picture of you in sand,trace a picture or explore the online community.It is open to people from all countries at any time even if the museum is closed.

My rating is 4 out of 5 because it sometimes can be quite slow.


Chrome Experiments

Chrome Experiments

Today’s website is a collection of JavaScript web experiments called Chrome Experiments.They were all made by talented artists and programmers who have submitted their creations.It is a great website that was first created by google chrome in March 2009 to test the performance of JavaScript and google chrome but since then it has expanded into something much more.There are many interactive toys and games to play around with in your spare time or if you are great programmer you could submit one yourself.Don’t be fooled by the title you can use this no matter what browser you are on but sometimes your browser means that it will not run as well as it should (Internet explorer 8 and lower).

My rating is 3 out of 5