Ninite saves you time when downloading multiple popular applications e.g. iTunes, Google Chrome, Skype, Java, Picasa, Office, Google Earth, Dropbox and Evernote.The applications are listed into different types of application like Messaging and Media.You choose the applications that you want and ninite runs the installer in the backround.It promises not to install rubbish toolbars we don’t want.The website is largely used by alot of people with good reviews from PC world and Lifehacker.They boast that every day they install and update over 500,000 programs a day.

You can also get Ninite pro which updates programs over a network, downloads other apps you can’t in free, lets you have more control over the downloads, runs 3 times faster, updates supported software even if it was not chosen originally and turns of the annoying update notifications.The pricing ranges from $20 – $185.


Free Giveaway of the day

Today’s website is explained simply in the title.The website gives away some software that would usually cost about £30.It tells you what is does and does not force you download it.It does not have any spyware or viruses so it is completely safe.

My rating is 3 out of 5 because each download is only available within a 24 period.