With MashMe you can video chat in your browser with up to 10 of your friends. The room changes  in order to fit incoming users at anytime. You can have as many rooms as you want and invite people to them by sharing a link to that page.
In MashMeTV you can completely change the room using some free themes or using some premium themes.
On some other websites for video chatting you just watch videos on your own by following a link ;edit a document by opening an attachment then reposting it with a different name;send a presentation using attachments ;post links to websites for people to see. On MashMe tv you can enjoy youtube synchronized with your friends ;edit documents using google docs integration in the software; Use slideshare integration to show others your ideas;Browse the internet as a group in real-time.
As there is always is on such good software, a catch. With free cover you can use mobile apps, have up to 5 participants and have only 2.5 GB of space.

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Ninite saves you time when downloading multiple popular applications e.g. iTunes, Google Chrome, Skype, Java, Picasa, Office, Google Earth, Dropbox and Evernote.The applications are listed into different types of application like Messaging and Media.You choose the applications that you want and ninite runs the installer in the backround.It promises not to install rubbish toolbars we don’t want.The website is largely used by alot of people with good reviews from PC world and Lifehacker.They boast that every day they install and update over 500,000 programs a day.

You can also get Ninite pro which updates programs over a network, downloads other apps you can’t in free, lets you have more control over the downloads, runs 3 times faster, updates supported software even if it was not chosen originally and turns of the annoying update notifications.The pricing ranges from $20 – $185.

Welcome back-mysms

Well It’s been a while and all my exams are over and my holiday’s have started meaning I can back to reviewing the best websites and apps around.

Today’s app is mysms.They pride themselves on the fact you can use their messaging service to “text anywhere,anytime and on any device”.You can receive your texts on things you could never before;Tablet, Laptop, Computer.This allows a new way of working because if you forget your phone you don’t have to worry about not receiving any important texts or in a more dire situation like breaking your phone you can replace all the texts with the ones you entrusted to mysms.If you are worried about the safety of your data they have told other users who asked, that they encrypt the data,store data securely and only have limited access to authorised employees only.

The cost ranges from person to person depending on the type of message being sent and to whom. Sending messages to other mysms users is free no mather where they are.To know whether they are using mysms you can look at the send button to find out.This type of message makes the send button turn green.

In case you want to send texts to people who don’t use mysms, you can use your own phone service provider.It will use your exising moblie agreement with no extra charges.This type of mesage wih make the send button grey

A third option is to send a message  via a connector.If you add a websms connector in the mysms setting you will have the choice to use it to send cheap messages worldwide.This type will turn the send button blue.

Exam time!

I have to take about 4 weeks off because of my exams.I am sorry but they are important.When do exams I forget a lot so I have to revise even more than usual.

One website you can always rely on is BBC bite size because its reliable and simple.


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If you need to revise for science GCSE there is always YouTube especially when it comes to AQA tests.One I always use is myGCSEscience’s channel because he has all the stuff you need in Physics, Chemistry and Biology.


Today’s website is Slick deals. is a free, user-driven deal sharing site which provides consumers an place to share information in order to make the best shopping decisions. Slickdeals achieves this by providing its users a forum for communication and various shopping tools.

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Today’s website is Hoot Suite. Hoot Suite is a social media management application for businesses and organizations to control campaigns across multiple social networks from one web-based dashboard.There is scheduling and assignment tools .You can invite multiple people to manage social networks , plus make custom reports using social analytic tools.You can integrate social networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and new Google+ Pages.You can also integrate YouTube, Flickr, Tumblr and more ,through apps which most you have to buy.

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Prey Project

Today’s website is the prey project.Prey helps you to keep track of your laptop,phone and tablet whenever lost.Basically you install a program in your PC or phone, which waits for you to tell the control panel its missing which will signal to the laptop or other device to start giving reports.The signal can be sent either from the Internet or through an text message.If enabled, Prey will attempt to hook onto to the nearest open WiFi hot spot when no Internet connection is found.When disabled no data will be collected.With prey you can track the laptop’s position on a map,use the webcam to take a picture of the  thief,capture a screenshot,hide data,remove stored passwords,scan hardware ,sound an alarm,show a message to the thief letting him know he’s being chased and lock down the computer.All this info will be sent to you as a report  to either your control panel or mailbox depending on the reporting method you choose.The software does not depend on much and does not affect the computer in-till activated by you.Also the software auto-updates itself so you don’t have to manually install it each time.Any of this info can be used with the police to get your device back to you.

It is all free for 3 devices with 10 report spaces.But if you want more spaces and more devices you may want to buy a pro plan with prices that range from $5(approx £3.30) for 3 plus the extra benefits to $399(Approx £260.80) for up to 500 devices plus benefits.For more details see below.

Here’s how they explain  it.