Today’s website is tiny tube; the video website for young children and families.It has no inappropriate material that you may find on YouTube so you may leave them to browse on their own.Tinytube is split into sections to make it easier to use.The sections are videos,music,funny,pets,movie trailers and cartoons.There is also a featured video that is placed on the front page which you may like to look at.I would say that the videos are mainly for very small children but the movies are for all the family.All of the videos are originally from YouTube.The website is completely free but you do have to sign up.

My rating is 5 out of 5 because it has no problems ,is well designed and executes the purpose well.



Artists Inspire Artists

Artists Inspire Artists

The website today is for everyone who has ever had problems finding inspiration for the arts and design.I found it last october when searching for inspiration myself.Artists Inspire Artists is an website for helping to get inspiration for work.It covers a very VERY wide variety of type of design and arts so whatever you are looking for you are likely to find.When I went on there I found a very good video in film called unleash your hands which uses hand tutting (dance only using your hands and arms).It is a advert for the Samsung Galaxy S II.

My rating is 3 out of 5